zappi is a hybrid electric vehicle charger that can charge your electric vehicle (EV) from your solar panels or wind turbine and if they’re off line it acts just like a normal on grid EV charger. Not only that it can sense the Economy Tariff to maximise savings.

zappi hybrid EV charger

zappi has three charging modes, the cleverest being the two special ECO charging modes, ECO and ECO+.

These maximise the effectiveness of your micro generation system, automatically charging current in response to your on-site generation and household power consumption.

zappi features a “grid sensor” that simply clips around the incoming supply cable. This sensor monitors excess power and the EV charger automatically adjusts the charge rate in response to the energy surplus available.

The third charging mode is FAST. In this mode the vehicle will be charged at maximum power and zappi acts just like any ordinary Mode 3 EV charger.


Envision Solar’s patented EV ARC™ is the worlds only transportable, solar powered EV charging station. Delivered to your location complete and ready to charge cars, it does not require any civil engineering or planning, foundations, trenching or electrical connections.

EV Arc portable solar EV charger

Envision’s patented EnvisionTrak™ sun tracking technology enables the EV ARC™ to make up to 25% more electricity than fixed solar arrays.

Each EV ARC™ can deliver up to 225 e miles daily, while charging up to six electric vehicles at a time.

Equipped with on-board battery storage, it will charge EVs day or night and during a black out or other grid failure, you can use the energy produced by the EV ARC™ to keep your business up and running.

If you want to change your charging location, the EV ARC™ is transportable and can be easily moved to a new location within minutes.

The EV ARC™ is mounted on a ballast and traction pad which will keep it upright even in winds of 110mph or earthquakes.


Powerstar are a company known for their voltage management and VIRTUE energy storage solutions have launched the VIRTUE EV.

An EV charging solution that allows sites with limited grid capacity to charge vehicles without having to upgrade their grid infrastructure.

Virtue EV electric vehicle charger

It can also be charged directly through renewable generators so that the charging of vehicles can be done independently from the grid.

All VIRTUE EV systems are provided with an integrated solar canopy.

With a 'Bus Stop' design, single units include a 6kW solar PV and double units contain 12kW canopies.

The VIRTUE EV supplies the highest possible charging rate by utilising stored energy to deal with the surge in the demand for power.

The system provides off-grid rapid charging up to 50kW and an 11kW AC electric vehcile (EV) fast charger. The system is also able to provide up to 80kW of storage with 50kW bi-directional grid-tied inverters.

Key Benefits of the VIRTUE EV include:

  • • Avoid costly upgrades and investment in infrastructure changes

  • • Reduce the amount of kWh the load takes from the grid, in turn reducing carbon emissions

  • • Remove the need for inverters with solar integration

  • • Reduce costs by avoiding peak-tariff periods

  • • Generate additional income through participation in grid contract programmes

  • • Provide full UPS capabilities to the load at all times

If all that’s not impressive enough for this innovative product its also customisable as well to meet customers needs. Want WiFi? No problem. How about taking credit card payments so the VIRTUE EV can be used as revenue stream? Of course, no problem.

You can even configure the VIRTUE EV to have an online booking system to allows users to plan their journey ahead.

It looks like Powerstar have covered everything with respect to EV charging on the VIRTUE EV.

We’re really looking forward to see how these three great products all develop in the future and we’re genuine fans of all of them.